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We’re Moving, Folks!

If you’ve visited my other blog, Sibille Rose, in the lately you may have noticed a few things moving around and some new items being added. There’s a reason for that (which isn’t always true). I’ve decided after some thought, and also after a recent writing quote, that I don’t like trying to separate the things that make me who I am. Continue reading “We’re Moving, Folks!”

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May Bullet Journal

Happy May! Spring is here and, for once, I got myself on top of setting up this month’s bullet journal before today. I’m trying something new this month. As summer get’s closer, my other planner is reaching its end and I wanted to figure out how 20170430_214244I can make a weekly schedule in my bujo. I got everything spaced out and started filling the first week in. I don’t know how much I like this at the moment, but I’ll give it a try and if not, next month will be right around the corner to try something different. Continue reading “May Bullet Journal”

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April Bullet Journal & A Trip to the Emerald City

I’m not dead, I promise! April started in a whirlwind with my tech week for my theatre’s Young Acting Company show The Wizard of Oz. I had gotten my bullet journal all ready and set up to write a post at the beginning of April, but then I got sucked into the abyss of Hell Week tech week. I just fell off the blogging radar after my writing quote post last Wednesday and haven’t gotten back on the wagon yet. Continue reading “April Bullet Journal & A Trip to the Emerald City”

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Working a Touring Show

wp-1490474641958.jpgThe current show I’m working on is Romeo and Juliet which I’ve mentioned before becuase it’s my theatre’s Educational Outreach production. Basically, that just means that this production is an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet that the theatre performs both in-house and we also take it on tour. The image at the beginning of this post is from the tour we went on early Tuesday morning.  Continue reading “Working a Touring Show”

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Beauty & The Beast, Snow, and Meeting the Family

What a week! So much has happened I’m not sure where to start other than the beginning. Last weekend, Nick and I took a trip to see his grandparents (I hadn’t met any of them yet). It was a nice weekend. The trip out to see them took us about 3 hours so we got to chat a lot on the drive out and back. All of his grandparents were very nice (I apparently got approval from all of them after the weekend).

Continue reading “Beauty & The Beast, Snow, and Meeting the Family”

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What is Time?

What is time? I’m not entirely sure anymore. No, I’m not looking for a philosophical discussion about if time is real or just a construct of the human mind. I’ve just been working long hours and long weeks and I’m not entirely sure free time exists anymore. (I’m surprised that the boyfiend still puts up with me some weeks since I only see him right before we go to bed some nights).  Continue reading “What is Time?”